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Curriculum Vitae

Born in Ghent (Belgium) on 22nd of March, 1977.
Graduated at high school (Koninklijk Atheneum II, Kortrijkse Steenweg 12) in 1995 (major subjects: mathemathics and Latin)
Studied English and Dutch filology at the University of Ghent until 1998 (not graduated).
Co-founded during this period the comic magazine Beeldstorm and worked as co-chief editor of the magazine, which received a substantial grant from the minister of culture of the flemish government in 2000.
Worked from 2000-2002 also as a researcher/journalist for Cafeplan (a commercial information poster containing all the bars of the town in question, plans were made of Ghent, Aalst, Leuven and now also Brussels:
2002-2003 worked for Use-it as assistant-manager. Use-it is a information center for young travelers, budget tourists who come to Ghent. (

In Finland

In March 2003 I moved to Finland where I have been taking language courses starting from august 2003. From January - March 2005 working as a teacher of comics analysis at the TTVO arts academy in Tampere. Also held the same course in 2004. The course was given in English.

My language skills:

Took Finnish language courses until 15th of June 2004.
Fluency in English (oral as well as written), My French is also excellent, having lived in a bilingual country with French as the second language for 25 years. My mother tongue is Dutch (some people say Flemish).

Marital status: Married to Hanna since 7th of august 2004 and boy does it feel good!

The most earthshatteringly good news has come to us in the form of a baby, which is well on its way. Alive and kicking for the time being in hanna's beautiful belly, our little chickpea is due the end of January. An heir to the comic business has thus been found.


New comics:
Chris Ware kicks off a Jimmy Corrigan alike tale, called Rusty Brown. This time concerning childhoodtraumas taking place in highschool in the seventies.

Paper Rodeo

New comics:
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