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Not many art schools give much emphasis on comics or graphic novels. Nevertheless this fascinating medium offers plenty of interesting viewpoints and comics are, as a whole, to be taken into account in the current art world. It goes without saying that more schools should have comic art in their curriculum. Of course there are already plenty of workshops on how to make comics but few indeed are the schools that encourage reading comics. That is where I come into play.

In the form of a comics course I can teach about comics. Pointing out the origin of comics, analyzing the changes this medium has gone through, discussing the current wave of graphic novels throughout the world while clearly emphasizing specific breakthrough comic books, artists, publishers etc.

In my opinion, this comics course is the most efficient in the form of a small reading club with comic books readily available for the students. This course does not gain profit from the usual ex-cathedra way of teaching as it heavily relies on visual back up / illustrations that accompany the theoretical parts. This reading circle feeling also opens up the students because in this “ comfortable” environment they are willing to participate more actively. Here’s a brief rundowm of subjects I can elaborate further on and discuss with the students. History of comics from the 19th century until now in America, Europe and Japan - special emphasis on the underground movement from the late sixties and early seventies – smallpress / minicomics – graphic novels from the eighties until now – contemporary comic artists.

Previous experiences:
Several speeches and workshops together with other artists of the comic magazine Beeldstorm, in Belgium.
Januray 2004- March 2004: a 36 hour course on comics analysis at TTVO Tampere January 2005- March 2005: a 36 hour course on comics analysis at TTVO Tampere

Next course:
Starts in the spring of 2006 at TTVO Tampere, this time probably in a different format. Previous course were only 1 credit, now the course in tampere, combined with a comic making workshop will be probably 5 credits.

To get me to teach at your school or to get more information contact me via email .


New comics:
Chris Ware kicks off a Jimmy Corrigan alike tale, called Rusty Brown. This time concerning childhoodtraumas taking place in highschool in the seventies.

Paper Rodeo

New comics:
All out drawing board attack in this newspaper filled with unknown comic artists as well as some Fort Thunder artists

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