Sweet sweet music

I am reluctant to call myself a collector. It has a very negative sound, that word. It means that you have a list of items you miss to complete your collection or series. It means that you spend a good deal of your free time looking for just about anything that would look good in your collection. It means attachment to stupid and worthless artifacts. That’s why I am not a collector: I’d rather fill my free time being with my girlfriend.
Nevertheless in the course of several years I have stumbled across many music albums which I favoured and consequently acquired. This has resulted in what most people would call a “modest collection”.
I consider it a personal obligation to share my musical purchases with as many people as possible. By any means possible.

As a dj I have handled the turntables at many dance floors, in Belgium (Charlatan, Kinky Star, Video) as well as in Finland (Klubi (Tre), Oranssi(Hki)). Recently i was asked to play only creative commons licensed music for a couple of hourse at the seminar about finnish creative commons and launching of the creative commons finland website at TAIK. ( creative commons finland ) Would you like to have dj salibandy play at your party? Contact me via email .

I have not been so active in the radio department though. In Belgium I was the music programmer and dj of the radioshow Het Rommelkot on Urgent ( for five years. In finland I have appeared only twice on the radiowaves (on Mental Alaska on Radio Moreeni, Tampere). Future plans are in the pipeline


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