I have a constant bump on my head. There are two reasons for that. I am tall. I am clumsy. These two combined result in me hitting my head all the time. Mostly it is because the doorways are too low and I do not duck enough. But also branches of trees, ceilings, traffic signs are objects I encounter in an unpleasant way. One time I even bumped my head in the bus when I was getting up from my seat. Lamps are also popular. I swear, I must have hit my head against the bedroom lamp already a hundred times. And that is a lot because we moved in here only two months ago.

There is this scene in Catcher in the rye where the main character Holden Caufield talks about his English class. All the pupils had to give a spontaneous speech and whenever the orator did not stick to the point fellow students were supposed to yell “Digression”. And that saddened Holden Caufield. Because for him things only started to get interesting when the speaker digressed. It got nicer. You shouldn’t stick to the point all the time.

For an opening page of a personal website I am digressing quite a lot here. I mean, this is the part where I should sell myself, my knowledge about comics, my skills of spinning records at homeparties or at least introduce the mailorder of import comics. But instead I am writing about how tall and clumsy I am and about Catcher in the rye. That’s ok, though. I like it like that.


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